Avast for 800 days

Avast for 800 days
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  • Количество продаж: 157
  • Отзывы покупателей: 21
  • License Type: Account
  • Life time: 800 days
  • Number of PCs: 1
  • Regional binding: can be used from anywhere in the world.
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Avast for 800 days

  • Bitness: x86, x64
  • Language: All languages

Today, every user has an idea about viruses, malicious "computer parasites" that can cause irreparable damage to the functionality of operating systems, so the problem of security and reliability of your PC occupies a key position in the age of computer technology. To solve these problems, antivirus programs are created. Now the "defenders of software" have accumulated a considerable number, and therefore the consumer faces a difficult choice in one of them, since many manufacturers whose products cost a penny yesterday, already today demand a decent payment for their goods, which is associated with advertising, brand, and increased demand. This leads to the fact that he begins to look for alternative options that would meet his needs and financial capabilities. Among these options, you can select Avast. This "antivirus corporation" has long established itself as a reliable defender of the PC from malware. Every year Avast releases new and improved versions of its product, taking into account all the wishes of consumers, and this year was no exception.

Avast Internet Security 2021 - released this year, an updated antivirus that retains all the best of previous versions with added benefits that will provide more reliable protection, a range of activity, high performance, and ease of use. Avast is the manufacturer that increases its revenue not by increasing the price of the product, but by increasing the reach of its consumers, so everyone can buy Internet Security 2021. Antivirus has an increased demand among users of PCs, tablets and smartphones based on any operating systems for its characteristic features:

  • Affordable price. To date, this is one of the cheapest high-quality antivirus software, which fully justifies its cost;
  • High performance. Avast has increased the speed and working capabilities of the new version of Internet Security 2021, which quickly responds to all actions of the PC user and instantly blocks malware;
  • An Increased spectrum of activity. There are hidden viruses that are invisible to some defenders, but Avast has solved this problem;
  • The ability to block the virus threat coming not only through external media, but also through the vastness of the "world Wide Web", penetrating by clicking on unwanted links, downloading suspicious files;
  • User-friendly interface and stylish design. A person who sits down at a computer for the first time can easily understand the software menu and choose the function he needs with the ability to customize everything to suit his needs;
  • Constant updates. Licensed Avast 2021 does not leave its users without new additions and timely delivers them new features and capabilities that further simplify use and strengthen protection.

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Minimum system requirements: Windows 10, except for Mobile and IoT (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows 8 / 8.1, except RT and Starter (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows 7 SP1 or later, any release (32-bit or 64-bit)