Official Kaspersky for Android

Official Kaspersky for Android
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Official Kaspersky for Android

  • Bitness: Android

Not only computers and laptops need protection from viruses, but also mobile phones. Such devices are most often infected with viruses that steal bank card data and other personal and confidential information, engage in extortion, and continuously display ads on the device. It is worth buying Kaspersky for Android because of a number of advantages that the software has:

  • Real-time scanning and launching a scan at the user's request;
  • Detection of all known threats (anti-virus databases are constantly updated);
  • Protection of the device from theft - if access to the phone is lost, you can remotely lock the gadget;
  • Good compatibility with most Android smartphones and tablets;
  • Blocking dangerous sites that can take possession of bank card details, etc.

The program scans not only on the basis of anti-virus databases. Due to the support of heuristic analysis, it is possible to detect viruses and malicious software that are not yet included in the databases. This can be achieved by analyzing the behavior of applications installed on the phone.

In the latest update of the antivirus, the function of scanning SMS and MMS messages for phishing links was also added. Users now have the opportunity to remotely activate the siren on their smartphone or tablet in case of theft of the device - they will not be able to turn off the loud sound signal.

It is also worth buying a Kaspersky license for Android in order to gain access to the device search function. If you find that your phone is lost or stolen, you can request its current coordinates, and then lock the device so that an attacker does not gain access to personal and confidential information.

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Android ™ 4.2 and higher
Minimum screen resolution: 320 x 480