Office 2010 for 2 computers

Office 2010 for 2 computers
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  • Number of PCs: 2
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Office 2010 for 2 computers

  • Bitness: x64, x86
  • Language: All languages

As you know, depending on the use of the operating system, the user has the opportunity to find pre-installed software in it, which can be quite common among the masses, or as highly specialized as possible, and for this reason, not so popular among ordinary people. That is why, very often, people try to choose the most optimal software for their device, which would not be difficult to study and would cost acceptable money. That is why, for the most part, many people choose Microsoft Office, which is rightly considered an exemplary Suite of office applications that are delivered and paid for separately.

Accordingly, if you weigh everything correctly, you can buy Office 2010 Professional Plusfor 2 PCs without hesitation, since this is exactly the same software product that costs reasonable money and offers an extensive Toolkit.

Note that we are considering the 2010 version of the program, which is no longer the newest and therefore could significantly "fall" in price, but the fact that the "Pro Plus" edition is the most complete, affects this acquisition as positively as possible, because at a minimum cost, the software has a maximum of workable tools.

Why are 2 Office 2010 activation keys better than 1?

Most modern users can no longer do with a license for only one device, as they are used to being as mobile as possible - have a stationary PC at home and another at the workplace, or constantly use a practical laptop. That's why, in order not to purchase two separate keys, our store offers to buy a profitable license – a "package" for 2 PCs at once – so you can use the official Office 2010 Pro Plusfor 2 devices. Now, no matter which of your computers or laptops you interact with, the office environment in it will always be familiar to you.

Briefly about the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus package for 2 PCs

Office 2010 has still not lost its initial popularity, and it is unlikely to lose it in the near future. This version of the software can be considered perfect – it already has all the necessary tools to work and is free from all the excess that has accumulated in later editions of the programs of the same name and only wastes system resources. At the same time, the Professional Plus edition contains the widest possible set of office components and can be used to solve any tasks, even on the scale of a large enterprise.

USING this software, you can quickly and easily:

  • Create new electronic documents or work with existing ones, the Word application is responsible for this;
  • Create and edit tables, automatically perform calculations in their columns, visualize data in the form of charts, and much more can be done using the Excel application;
  • Prepare presentations for visual demonstration of various projects, give the presentation a unique look with stunning effects, will help you in this PowerPoint application;
  • Engage in the production of marketing materials at all stages, from creation to preparation for printing, and all this, provided zero knowledge in the Publisher application environment;
  • Work with databases developed by Microsoft and not only, create your own database processing applications and much more, the Access application offers;
  • The OneNote app allows you to enter information in a Notepad that has a hierarchical organization of entries with the ability to remind you of events that you should not miss;
  • Use a certain organizer, which contains: Calendar, Contacts, and Email client with very powerful corporate options, will offer the Outlook application.

In fact, the list of features of Office 2010 on 2 PCs is much broader than all that is described above, since the tools present here are sharpened to simplify office work as much as possible, make it more productive and faster, and the results ultimately looked perfect and qualitatively implemented.

Why you should not use pirated copies?

In our country, many citizens still believe that paying for SOFTWARE is wrong, because you can always download a free "pirate"on the Internet. This possibility does exist, but you should always remember that it is associated with certain risks, which is completely absent in the situation when you purchase a license that will have:

  • The Ability to contact technical support for help;
  • Good debugging and stable operation OF the software;
  • Lack of embedded ads or worse, various viruses;
  • Full functionality of the tools in applications;
  • The ability to receive regular updates from developers.

Our store offers to activate your trial version of the software, as licensed Office 2010 Professional Plus will allow you to forget about a huge number of problems and give you the opportunity to just work at your computer for fun.

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1500$ 23%
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1000$ 21%
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200$ 15%
170$ 14%
Все в порядке. Активировалось не с первого раза, продавец очень оперативно направил замену и все получилось. Покупаю далеко не первый раз здесь, всегда были только положительные результаты. Молодцы, так держать!
17.09.2023 18:44:52

Seller answer:
Понравилось, все вопросы решаются очень оперативно.
12.02.2023 0:32:48

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Все хорошо! Активировалось все. Продавцу спасибо.
12.03.2021 14:59:56

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Приобретала лицензию МС офис, после оплаты пришел код лицензии и инструкция, все понятно и быстро. До этого приобретала на ebuy, данный магазин нисколько не хуже. Благодарю продавца!
24.08.2020 13:06:51

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всё отлично. Спасибо.
05.10.2018 1:09:24

Seller answer:
Всем доброго времени суток. купил ключ на MSOffice 2010pro plus. долго не мог активировать, показывало ошибку, думал попался на лохотрон. не надеясь написал на почту администратору, попросил помочь. в течении часа пришел ответ с пояснением. все сделал все работает. спасибо.
24.09.2018 17:25:49

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Активировал ключи без проблем.
30.04.2018 6:17:09

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СУПЕР )))))
26.04.2018 16:15:46

Seller answer:
Все замечательно! Активировал без проблем, все работает! Спасибо!
13.02.2018 17:56:01

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Купил на 2 компа Офис проф + 10, вернее офис уже стоял крякнутый, но постоянно при запуске выскакивала табличка напоминания об активации. Надоело, и когда в интернете увидел цены, сначала подумал, ну бог ней, этой табличкой. И в конце поисков наткнулся на ребят. Думал кидок, почитал отзывы на просторах и.нета и не нашел отрицательных. Купил и вот пишу благодарность все как было написано в отзывах. Платил картой - чек, банк получателя, все прозрачно. Удачной работы тебята!.
07.12.2017 18:58:25

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19.11.2017 13:19:41

Seller answer:
19.11.2017 10:29:29

Seller answer:
Хорошо установилось. Купил на 2 компа, а пока установил на 1. Главное, чтобы код активации не пропал со временем, как другой комп буду обновлять. Это все таки не колбаса (не должен испортиться)
18.01.2016 14:47:24

Seller answer:
Товар получил, товаром доволен.
28.10.2015 20:35:49

Seller answer:
1 GHz (x64) or faster processor
At least 1 GB of RAM or more
At least 4 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 1024 x 768