Office 2010 for 2 PCs

Office 2010 for 2 PCs
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  • Number of PCs: 2
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Office 2010 for 2 PCs

  • Bitness: x64, x86
  • Language: All languages

Despite the spread of later versions of Microsoft Office, some users still prefer to use the program developed in 2010, and all from the fact that at one time, it became innovative, quickly gaining popularity among office workers and students. This popularity was due to a change in: change the interface to a more convenient one, improve functions and provide more opportunities for solving problems. It is for this reason that the software was able to become incredibly popular and in demand, which is why, even in modern realities, to buy an Office 2010 key is going to be at least a couple of people 3 people out of 10, which indicates its demand.

What is included in the Microsoft Office 2010 Standard package for 2 PCs?

The list of applications in the program is standardized depending on the package. In this case, we provide the "Standard" edition, which includes a number of basic applications of the following nature:

  • PowerPoint for working with presentations;
  • Excel for working with spreadsheets;
  • Word for working with text documents;
  • Outlook for working with emails and organizer;
  • Publisher that allows you to present a product on a physical medium.

Each of the applications, in comparison with the version released in 2007, has become more advanced. The interface has intuitive edges, as the necessary tools are always at hand - on the main panel, which allows you to do the work much faster and better. Additionally, new tools were added, which became both independent software additions, and were able to expand the tools that have long been familiar to users. This "mix" of software features allowed Microsoft developers to implement very, very successful software.

As a separate point, I would like to highlight the fact that the purchase of this license gives you the opportunity to use two activations. Thus, no matter where and what computers or laptops you have to use in your work, they will always be able to function at the highest level and their working environment will be completely familiar to you as a user.

Why buy the license Office 2010?

The difference between a licensed program installed on a computer and a non-licensed one is quite large, since there are a number of points that show that the user must decide for himself whether he is ready to pay for the license or whether he will use software that can harm the device and stop working at any time.

License key:

  • Cost money;
  • The official version of the SOFTWARE receives constant updates;
  • The licensed program has a full set of tools;
  • Use of licensed software is safe – there are no viruses in it.

Non-license keys:

  • Completely free;
  • "Pirates" do not receive updates;
  • Some tools are most often "cut out" from these programs;
  • Using "gray" software is not safe – most often it contains viruses.

Above, we have grafted only four points to the comparison, which, it seems to us, perfectly show that buy a key Office 2010 is definitely worth it, because such a purchase is a kind of guarantee of stable and long-lasting software operation. That is why, when choosing a program, you should think carefully and then implement your thoughts into concrete actions.

If you consider this program for purchase, you need to take into account all its working capabilities and from this, you can assume for which user niche it will be ideal. Based on our experience, software of this level is most often interested in:

  • Freelancers – people who work from home;
  • Users who only use a PC at home;
  • Students of various educational institutions: schoolchildren, students, etc.;
  • Office employees who need non-specialized office software.

As you can see, almost any user can buy a licensed activation of Office 2010 Standard, since the software is suitable for most professions and is in demand everywhere. In addition, the speed of the program - its responses to user instructions to perform certain actions, show that most of those who had to work with this SOFTWARE, everything was to their liking and they were satisfied with everything.

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Хорошо установилось. Купил на 2 компа, а пока установил на 1.
24.09.2023 14:54:04

Seller answer:
Как всегда активировал без проблем, продавцу спасибо.
06.09.2019 20:41:40

Seller answer:
все установилось и активировалось спасибо
04.03.2019 15:13:20

Seller answer:
Купил ключик на 2PC, решил поставить себе и знакомому. Спасибо этому магазину, оплата прошла сразу. Все быстро как всегда! Постоянно тут закупаюсь, и всем советую!
24.11.2018 19:16:32

Seller answer:
Отличная покупка! Быстро, просто и главное - за приемлемую цену)
27.06.2018 0:46:13

Seller answer:
Быстро получил, установил без проблем.Спасибо.
23.01.2018 7:54:24

Seller answer:
Великолепно ! Оплата прошла почти мгновенно, тут же получил ключ. Программа установилась без проблем, обновилась на офф сайте, и, работает в мое удовольствие ;)
01.01.2018 16:04:40

Seller answer:
Приобрел Microsoft Office 2010 Standard для себя и жены. Пока все работает, нареканий нет.
09.12.2017 8:17:38

Seller answer:
Всё просто ужасно
01.11.2017 9:50:01

Seller answer:
У покупателя установлен 2007 офис . Сам он не может установить 2010 , в помощи отказался . В цену ключа Не входит установка ПО удаления и чистка вашего ПК от старого офиса . Вы оплатили код вы получили код и образ в подарок
Программа активировалась, правда онлайн активация не удавалась. Пришлось активировать по телефону. Активация по телефону прошла без проблем. Спасибо продавцу!
11.04.2016 23:47:36

Seller answer:
1 GHz (x64) or faster processor
At least 1 GB of RAM or more
At least 4 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 1024 x 768