Buy Office 2016 for Home and School

Buy Office 2016 for Home and School
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Buy Office 2016 for Home and School

  • Bitness: x64, x86
  • Language: All languages

If you want to work with a first-class office program, but you don't want to overpay for features that you don't intend to use, then you need to buy Microsoft Office 2016 for Home and School. This software solution can perfectly fill in some gaps on your PC and make it more powerful in terms of implementing numerous projects. You will no longer have to use programs that: work incorrectly, are insanely expensive, are not compatible with other SOFTWARE, and constantly perform hidden processes while the computer is running.

What applications does Office 2016 have for Home and School?

This program is very different from its counterparts developed in 2016, as it contains only the most important applications. For this reason, there is no variety of tools, but only the most important thing that is most often used by users in everyday life, namely:

  • Word is an application initially aimed at processing text documents, but if you want, you can work with it in a more extended range. Thus, a simple text document is very easy to transform and make a real masterpiece out of it, where there will be: high-quality design of fields, interesting visualization of elements, images can be present, stylized text and much more. This software add-on will be used by you very often and as a result, after a few days, you will realize that it is impossible to do without it in your daily work on a PC;
  • Excel – this application is built in such a way that it is most often used only by those users who need to create tables. It is noteworthy that the tables are created very high-quality and have an infinite size. In addition, creating tables can be implemented with additional high-quality design: fields, text color or fill, cell format, and much more. You can also use specialized formulas to automate calculations. Due to these features, buy MS Office 2016 for Home and school most often students from various educational institutions are going to buy it, as this tool will be very useful for Them;
  • PowerPoint – this application is aimed at enabling the user to create the most beautiful and multifunctional presentations. The tools lying on the surface will be very simple in terms of use, but if you drop a little deeper, then in addition to the simplest presentation projects, it is possible to create something more complex, since the functionality of the program allows you to perform it without problems. It is very convenient that you can create a presentation using individual elements, including photos, text, backgrounds, music, graphs, tables, and much more. In General, the presentation can be completely customized to your requirements in the flesh before the time of its presentation and the speed of switching slides. Thus, this application is also often used by students of educational institutions;
  • OneNote is an application that allows you to create "quick notes" with the ability to organize your personal formation in the most practical way for future use. In fact, this is a kind of analog of the Notepad application, but only with more advanced functionality and having the ability to use a hierarchical system of records by the user. Thanks to such software features, this tool gives the user the opportunity not to forget about anything and at the same time, it automatically monitors the control and timely execution of recorded actions. A very convenient application, especially if it has an electronic format and does not require the use of additional physical media;
  • Outlook is an application a little more than the "organizer" familiar to most users, which has: a contact Manager, a calendar and a notebook, since here, there is another built – in application in the form of an email client that perfectly copes with solving its tasks. It is due to the fact that the mail client is many times more functional than many analogues, a real army of fans of this SOFTWARE, decided to buy Office for Home and School 2016 for its use in everyday life. The app, which seems simple at first glance, is very functional and, in addition to the fact that it has filters for mailing lists, can offer all consumers a great level of protection.

As you can see, this edition of Office 2016 has a huge potential, both for work and for study, and, therefore, it will perfectly fit into the life of any user, even those who are not Housewives and do not study, but have their own small business, in which you need to constantly use high-quality office SOFTWARE. By purchasing this program, you give yourself the opportunity to reach a completely new level of computer use, because now you have only a specific software that can solve a huge number of versatile tasks.

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1.4 GHz (x64) or faster processor
At least 2 GB of RAM or more
At least 4 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 1024 x 768