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Buy Office 365 Personal

  • Bitness: x64, x86
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Not many users know that there is a official Office 365 Personal, which is ideal for turning any person's life into a real pleasure while working at the computer. This ignorance is due to the fact that this version of the program is not distributed in large volumes, since its pricing policy is constantly very restrained and as a result, the number of people working with this first-class software does not increase quickly. For this reason, most users choose more common versions of SOFTWARE, and unfortunately they do not know about the fact that there is something like this...

What is so good about Microsoft Office 365 Personal?

In fact, this software has a lot of advantages over its colleagues in the shop, and all from the fact that it is more modern and has much more diverse features than everything that surrounds it. For this reason, as soon as the user starts working with this SOFTWARE, they immediately understand all its practicality, which is often hidden in existing applications:

  • Word. Text, text, and more text… This is what this application is aimed at, since it has the ability to handle this direction as well as possible, and this is its main advantages. By the way, this software is used by the vast majority of users around the world, which makes it a universal tool;
  • Excel. Only tables and nothing but them… This is what this tool is capable of, which filigrees everything that others cannot do. Manipulations with tables that are being created or already created and the information that is contained in them can be performed very quickly and with the highest quality;
  • PowerPoint. The layout of information in the presentation projects. Creating a presentation of any complexity is no longer a problem, since this tool is aimed at performing this work. This is why buy Office 365 Personal very often, allow all those who constantly need to create presentations, both very simple and as complex as possible;
  • OneNote. Notepad with a hierarchical task distribution system. A very useful and irreplaceable tool for those users who want to conduct more productive activities. It is noteworthy that the functionality and convenience of the software is such that you get used to them quickly enough;
  • Outlook. This is a real mix of applications, as there is a full-fledged organizer and an equally full-fledged email client. The first one allows you to use: a calendar, maintain a convenient contact database, and plan tasks. The second one opens up the prospect of working with a first-class email client that is ideally suited for doing business;
  • Access (PC only). A relatively specialized tool designed for database processing. Here, first of all, you can work with databases from Microsoft, but if you want, you can configure the application so that it handles third-party databases as well. In addition, the software will allow you to create your own application and use it to increase the speed of work;
  • Publisher (PC only). There is nothing more simple than learning how to create the "correct" page layout using a simple tool. Licensed Office 365 Personal allows you to do without a specialized education what many people learn to do when working with more complex and versatile programs for years.

What else is good about Microsoft Office 365 Personal?

Despite the fact that the main advantages of this program we have already revealed to you and now you are aware of how exactly the software functions with all the applications it has in service, all owners of such a wonderful SOFTWARE is waiting for something else that for especially active users will be a very indispensable addition, namely:

  • OneDrive. This is not a new tool, but it is still very popular for checking, storing, editing, and working together in the cloud. Thanks to this software extension, you can work remotely and together with colleagues, which increases any working capacity at times. It is worth noting that Microsoft provides all users with a "Professional" edition of programs, 1 terabyte of free disk space;
  • Skype. One of the simplest and most popular solutions among a huge number of users. It is noteworthy that the app has been present on the market for many years and still it has not found worthy competitors. This tool allows you to: conduct correspondence, use calls, video calls, and create conferences;
  • Advanced security features. A very useful software extension that allows you to keep all your documents and other projects safe. Due to this extension, you can not worry about losing important data, as everything will be under the additional control of the software, where there are highly specialized settings;
  • Additional installation options. By purchasing this product, you can activate it on one computer and on one gadget (tablet or smartphone). This way you can use 2 different devices with the same software.

So you now know where to buy Office 365 Personal, which is fully licensed and at the same time, provides the possibility of comprehensive use of all built-in applications and software tools.

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Seller answer:
Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016
macOS: one of the three extreme versions
1.6 GHz * 2 (x64) or faster processor
At least 4 GB, 2 GB (32 bits) of RAM or more
At least 4 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 1280 x 800