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Microsoft Project Professional 2010 is a program from the world-famous Microsoft Corporation, which is designed specifically for project management. Through its use, you can: create different plans, allocate resources between tasks, monitor the implementation of work, and also analyze the progress of current projects-tasks.

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 plans schedules according to the critical path method, focuses the user's attention on the most important tasks for the successful completion of the project. At the time of drawing up work schedules, all available resources are taken into account, and the final sequence of actions is shown on the Gantt chart.

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 is a fairly popular application, as it is optimal for project management. Thanks to its advantages, users can:

  • Step-by-step create a specific project through intelligent hints at various levels;
  • Create specific tasks, allocate a variety of resources, as well as specify the timing of implementation and get the model that will be closest to reality as much as possible;
  • Easily simulate options for different decisions and analyze the consequences of hypothetical adoption of a particular model;
  • Develop a network diagram of the project, that is, indicate the relationship of certain tasks and priorities with the" alignment " of resources as the project progresses;
  • Assign resources and tasks, the special hierarchical structures of codes;
  • Apply a full-fledged consolidated analysis of project groups, as well as a common pool of resources, which makes it possible to optimize the project plan at the organization level in general. This is what most often attracts generalists to turn their attention to the licensed Project Professional 2010;
  • Easy to calculate critical path. There are no complex arithmetic calculations that have to be performed manually, since the main and additional calculations are performed by the program;
  • To present the problem tasks by using graphical indicators;
  • Change the specified period of implementation of tasks in case of need;
  • Analyze the current state of affairs and trends in the development of the project through automated tools for preparing reports;
  • Create a variety of project templates;
  • Add VBA programs and macros;
  • Instantly change the development trends of your project, provided that the previously used scenario is irrelevant;
  • Implement the ability to calculate the risks from the use of new inputs: expenses, plans, extensions, etc.

In general, the MS Project Pro 2010 program is ideal in many of its indicators, since it has a huge potential to be used not just in the daily work of individual users, but involved in the functioning of medium and large businesses. Due to its simplicity and practicality, any user has the opportunity to learn how to use this software without specialized training. In addition, this software perfectly interacts with other programs and applications from Microsoft, which further expands its functionality and makes a highly specialized tool more versatile and practical in terms of use in various fields of activity.

Choosing this program, you can be sure that with its help, your work can be very much updated in terms of the speed of calculations, accuracy and quality of the final results.

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