Buy Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

Buy Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC
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Buy Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

  • Bitness: x64, x86
  • Language: All languages

Before you are going to buy a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC key, you will need to understand what this system is, since on the one hand it is a "ten" that is directly related to its "Odnoklassniki" in simpler versions, but on the other hand it is a more unique software with its own unique options.

It is worth starting the review of this system with the fact that it has the ability to offer the user a software space that differs from all other operating systems in that it has a place to be:

  • Stability. Compared to its counterparts, the Enterprise LTSC edition is much more stable and less prone to various types of failures. Here, there are no random bugs, glitches, crashes, etc. The principle of operation of this software is to function in any situation, even under maximum load and with not quite stable operation of additionally installed third-party SOFTWARE;
  • Updates. The uniqueness of this OS lies in the fact that it is very different from its counterparts, and all because it is this system that receives not quite ordinary updates. Received and downloaded updates for this software are delivered to it quite rarely and only the most proven. Thus, the user does not have to deal with sudden bugs or other software failures, since Microsoft servers offer only the most important things for download and no more than once a year or even less often;
  • Simplified navigation. It is worth understanding that official Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC for 3 computers is simplified at times than its younger ones to get together on the shop floor, which means that it has nothing superfluous and offers the user only the most important things. Paying attention to the start menu, you can see that it has lost: UWP apps, Windows Store, information tiles, And much more. Therefore, the system is aimed only at the execution of work processes and at maximum capacity when implementing certain projects. There are no add ons for entertainment and there is only everything that is most valuable for the implementation of any work project;
  • Unique settings and features. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the appearance of the workspace of this "ten", then it is always possible to change it and give it the appearance of system editions, such as "Home" or "Pro". Also, there is a function such as "task Views" that allows you to create additional "Desktops" and perform many additional actions. In General, there are a lot of interesting things to work with and personalize the system's workspace, so each user will choose something truly interesting for themselves;
  • Advanced features for working with "cloud storage". Since "cloud technologies" are now widely used and promoted, this system is no exception, to say the least. Here, much more opportunities for interaction with the cloud are implemented than in any analogs of the "tens". There is also a cloud-based multitasking clipboard that allows you to not just download and upload information to the cloud, but also allows you to synchronize it between devices to facilitate work;
  • Security. Considering Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 from the point of view of security, I would like to note that this version of the system is very advanced, since only here, there are advanced security options that do not have analogues, namely: data encryption, creating backups, using passwords, constant monitoring of the OS by a built-in antivirus, it is possible to use biometric data, and much more. In General, this "top ten" is maximally protected and almost no one can compete with its security;
  • Minimum of innovations. As strange as it may sound, but despite the fact that this version of the system is quite innovative, it is still not as advanced as its counterparts, and all from the fact that it does not receive frequent updates and everything that even reaches it has a minimum of innovations. All this is implemented only to make it easier for corporate users, who are primarily targeted by this software, to use it and not have to learn something new from time to time and get used to it. In essence, there is a principle that if there are pre-installed: applications, programs and settings, then you will only have to work with them and nothing else.

Our opinion about this system

Provided that you need an operating system that is aimed at: work, does not have anything superfluous, can use large PC capacities, rarely receives updates, responds perfectly to third-party software, interacts with cloud technologies first-class and boasts of its constancy and immutability, then in this case, this version of the system is just created for you. This is exactly the program that will suit most users who are ready to use a modern system, but are not ready to constantly get used to its innovations that appear after the update. Thus, if you are a modern and conservative PC user at the same time, then this OS is just created for you, in the opposite case, it is better to abandon it and choose something simpler.

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2000$ 25%
1800$ 24%
1500$ 23%
1300$ 22%
1000$ 21%
500$ 20%
400$ 19%
350$ 18%
300$ 17%
220$ 16%
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170$ 14%
Процессор: процессор с частотой 1 гигагерц (ГГц) или быстрее или система на кристалле SoC
ОЗУ: 1 ГБ для 32-разрядных систем или 2 ГБ для 64-разрядных систем
Место на жестком диске: 16 ГБ для 32-разрядных систем или 32 ГБ для 64-разрядных систем
Видеоадаптер: DirectX 9 или более поздней версии с драйвером WDDM 1.0