Windows 7 Professional 3PC

Windows 7 Professional 3PC
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  • License Type: Retail
  • Number of PCs: 3
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Windows 7 Professional 3PC

  • Bitness: x64, x86
  • Language: All languages

Windows 7 Professional license keys - this is an opportunity to use the operating system, which will be a good solution for both entertainment and work tasks. It stands out for its good optimization, it works quickly even on computers with average performance. The OS will appeal to users who have previously used the classic Windows XP.

The developer has significantly expanded the functionality, as well as simplified the interface. To understand all the functions of the operating system, it does not take much time.

The main innovation in the seven was the addition of the Aero GUI. It will make the windows transparent, and also added the ability to change the color scheme. After downloading, the user has access to about 120 background images for the design of the desktop, depending on their preferences. Windows 7 Professional is suitable for users who are used to the convenience and simplicity of using XP and are not ready to abandon the usual model of using the operating system. Almost all programs that are compatible with previous versions of the operating system run on the seven.

The main advantage of the Windows 7 operating system is that you can start using it immediately after downloading and installing it. If earlier it was necessary to download special drivers to ensure the stable operation of the motherboard, video card, processor and other elements, now the equipment is configured automatically (you need stable access to the Internet).

Features and benefits of Windows 7 Professional :

  • Quick launch of applications designed for Windows XP, without errors and with the correct operation of all elements;
  • Attractive window design;
  • Support for working with two windows at once. To place the window exactly in the middle of the right or left side of the screen, just drag it to the edge of the display;
  • Secure networking with Internet Explorer 8.

In fact, Windows 7 Professional for 3 computers is the very version of the software that is designed for users who are constantly working on a PC, since this operating system has just a fantastic pre-installed tools: applications, programs, settings, scripts, and so on. All this, in its entirety, makes the OS as powerful as it has ever been and allows users to significantly expand the horizons of their work projects.

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Покупался ключ для активации трех компьютеров на Win7Pro. Первый ключ активировал только один компьютер, а на втором выдавал ошибку (активация производилась по телефону через робота). Продавец предоставил новый ключ, который успешно активировал второй компьютер. Спасибо.
06.08.2020 13:31:24

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Отличный товар за отличную цену, все оперативно предоставили
25.03.2019 12:07:15

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Благодарю Вас за качественную услугу! Всё отлично работает! Удачи!
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Все отлично!
13.05.2018 12:28:45

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1.4GHz or faster processor
At least 2GB of RAM
At least 30 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 1024 x 768