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Buy Windows Vista

  • Bitness: x64, x86
  • Language: All languages

Not every PC user is ready to take and refuse to use the operating system, which at one time was a real innovation for him and continues to be so, provided that a huge number of other operating systems have been developed for a long time. That is why we suggest you buy Windows Vista Business, the very system that is ready to surprise anyone who will use it in everyday time spent at the computer.

Who is suitable for using Windows Vista Business?

Despite the fact that you are looking at the version of the operating system that has the letter "Business", it is not one of the most powerful among its own kind, but it is not the simplest. In fact, it is a full – fledged middling, located in the branch of the evolution of Vista in the middle and due to this, it can be used almost everywhere.

In fact, both beginners and professionals will find "something for themselves" here, since the system is able to offer a number of options and settings, many of which fit perfectly into work: at home, during school, at the workplace, on trips, etc. It turns out that the OS is perfect for 90% of users, unless they need a specialized program designed to position themselves as a unique software tool with all the consequences that follow from its use.

Simplicity and accessibility of Windows Vista Business

If you or your loved ones do not want to learn newfangled OS, and you want to have installed on your computer, simple and high – quality software, then you should buy Windows Vista in the "Business" edition, since this variation of the system does not require additional actions for its study. For all its beauty, this Microsoft product is able to offer users a very attractive working interface, where "everything is in its place" and any software option is available in just 1-3 mouse clicks.

It is important to note that using this system does not require long settings, as you can do without them. But if you have a desire to make adjustments to the working-system space for your needs, then just go to the "Settings" and do everything you need there. Here, you do not have to search for a custom option for a long time, since you just need to go to the appropriate system section and already there, you can quickly find the setting that requires adjustment. Functional features of Windows Vista Business

In addition to the fact that this system has a bright appearance with numerous options for its configuration and adjustment, which can be used by any of its owners, it is ready to offer all users unique features that its analogues do not have, namely:

  • Support for two processors. Of course, in modern realities, there are already systems that support 4 or 8 processors, but not all users can afford such expensive PC components, which means that two fully supported processors are the best option for the computing power of most devices used by users in everyday life;
  • Backup copying. A very useful software extension that lets you not worry that important files may be lost. A user who buys a key for Vista and uses this option can always be sure that the system will save their data and treat them carefully for many years to come;
  • Security. The usual antivirus in the modern world is not enough, which means that here, you can find not only Windows antivirus, but also additional options in the form of: password, file system encryption, disk encryption, and more. Thus, the system becomes protected from all sides, which means that it is almost impossible to break through its security;
  • Support for peripheral devices. Oddly enough, all systems in this line support the installation and use of devices such as scanners, printers, faxes, and the like. Here, a similar option is available and thus, you can expand the system used at times;
  • Support handwriting input. A very convenient addition for those users who find it easier to write with an electronic pen than to use a keyboard. This OS supports this feature at a very high level;
  • Network and server extensions. This is a huge list of software features that are almost impossible to list and describe in one small product description, because there are: client-side caching, joining a Windows Server domain, network mapping, remote desktop management (client and server), group policy support, client-side caching, and much more;
  • Touch screen support. It is also not an unimportant option, especially if the system will be used on some universal laptop that has the ability to work as a full-fledged personal computer and as a full-fledged tablet.

In General, buy the official Vista Business of course is worth it, since the system, although not the newest, but the opportunities for work, it is ready to offer any user a huge amount. In addition, all the "standard" OS options if you are not enough, they can always be expanded in a matter of seconds due to third-party developments, since they are completely free to distribute and find them on the Internet is not difficult.

So, before you refuse to buy such an innovative and original software product, think carefully, and then make your choice.

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1 GHz or faster Pentium processor
At least 1GB of RAM
At least 30 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 800x600