Licensed Windows XP Home

Licensed Windows XP Home
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Licensed Windows XP Home

  • Bitness: x86/32
  • Language: All languages
If you are seriously considering buying Windows XP for home, then you should know what this OS is at the time of its full operation, since it is likely that buying a very cheap system by modern standards, many users do not even know what characteristics it can boast. It is for this reason, before you buy this "operating system", you better know it, both positive and negative sides,which are not few.

Why is Windows XP Home perfect for a home PC?

Every user who buys an operating system for themselves should understand that it can be designed for use both at Home and in the Office. Therefore, the tasks that can be solved by the purchased software are completely different, because in the first case they are much easier than in the second, and from here the principle of use in each individual case already follows. That is why ,if buy Windows XP in the Home edition, you can note the following features:

  • Very simple and intuitive interface. The working environment of the system is so clear and simple that when using the software, there is no feeling that it has any not comfortable edges for working with it. Here, everything is in its place and it is very easy to use any button. There are no hidden edges and it is always in front of your eyes;
  • Available settings environment. In this version of the OS, the user is provided with a relatively small number of settings, which in itself is very convenient if you do not want to configure anything at all. Here, you can just start the system and work in it even with "standard" settings and in most cases, this will be enough for everyday use of the PC;
  • A huge amount of software. The uniqueness of this system lies in the fact that it is able to run a huge number of programs without problems. Of course, if we talk about the most innovative, there may be some problems, but if you use everything that has been developed in the last few decades, this software will mostly work perfectly;
  • A huge number of extensions. This is a very important moment for those of you who are going to buy Windows XP and then reconfigure everything visually and functionally for yourself. Here, you should understand that we are talking about a huge number of add-ons that are completely free, which makes their use even more desirable;
  • Small system cost. Even though you buy a licensed XP version of Windows, you have to pay very little for it, which opens the prospect of changing it at any time to something else, if you need it.

Functional features of Windows XP Home for home PC

Like every operating system developed by Microsoft, Windows XP has its own unique-functional features that are aimed at using the device at home, and not at the workplace, and that is why there is a place to be:

  • Omnivorous player "Windows Media", which allows you not only to play videos, but also allows you to use: search, organize and store digital multimedia material. This is one of the most versatile players that users use most often;
  • Easy-to-use "network setup Wizard", which allows you to connect and share PCs and other devices used at home. Opens up the possibility for the user to manipulate a wider range of customizable features than was previously possible;
  • Convenient and frequently used "Windows Messenger message Service", which allows you to maintain communication and work together on means of immediate message transmission. This feature also allows you to use voice messaging and video conferencing. Users will also be able to organize app sharing;
  • Functional section "help and support Center", which allows you to get answers to all your questions in a few clicks. The system will automatically select the answer for you and allow you to reduce the search time if you use a different source;
  • Necessary for laptops "portable computer support Tools", which has the ability to offer the user technologies such as" ClearType "and"DualView". Note that here, there is an improved power management, which makes it possible not to worry about the fact that the device will be very quickly discharged;
  • A very simple and functional "Wireless connection" that allows you to work with automatic wireless network configurations using the generally accepted 802.1 x standard;
  • "Quick start" function, which has the ability to offer users improved power management. In this way, you can see how the system boot speeds up and goes from "Sleep mode" to " working mode»;
  • "Multitasking" is a very important feature that makes users want to buy MS Windows XP, since it allows you to perform various actions simultaneously / alternately in several applications running at the same time;
  • Quite a workable "Internet connection Firewall" that can automatically protect a PC connected to the Internet from any unauthorized access by malware;
  • Powerful and maximally protected browser "Internet Explorer 6", which is able to protect the user from a huge number of Internet problems related to: viruses, advertising, surveillance, etc.;
  • Versatility in terms of using multiple languages using the "Single Worldwide Binary" technology. It is no longer necessary to work in the system using only one language, because it is always possible to run any other language for greater convenience.

It seems to us that the number of positive aspects and features that are present in Windows XP Home is already enough for each user to have the opportunity to evaluate this software and decide for themselves: "Will it work for me, or won't it work for me...".

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233 MHz or faster Pentium processor (300 MHz minimum recommended)
At least 64 MB of RAM (recommended at least 128 MB)
At least 1.5 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 800x600