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You want to buy Windows XP Pro, but you are confused by the fact that this operating system from Microsoft is no longer young and as a result, it is, according to some, not so distant users, living out the last days of its existence...? Then, you should learn about what this OS really is and what positive aspects of its use it has, because if you drop a little deeper, it may turn out that the "old lady" is able to give a head start to most of their classmates!

Why Windows XP Professional and not something more modern?

Each user can give hundreds of answers to this question, but it seems to us that we should focus on the main ones, since they will be quite enough to make the right conclusions:

  • Long years of testing. As it is not strange, but this version of the OS can be considered one of the most proven, since the software has been used by users for two decades and during this time has passed such tests that not one of the current OS and in a terrible dream was not presented. A huge number of errors, crashes, glitches, bugs, and everything else were fixed during this time, both by experts from Microsoft and ordinary enthusiasts;
  • Loyalty to third-party SOFTWARE. Installing third-party software in the environmentWindows XP Pro is not a big problem, as in most cases, everything goes without any problems. It is worth noting that in this case we are talking not only about software released earlier, but also about many modern programs;
  • Limitless customization. Modern systems are very difficult to change for your needs, and all because they do not have all the diversity that is inherent in XP. Here, just a huge number of different additions that can make the working environment not only attractive, but also more functional;
  • Minimum requirements for hardware. You need to understand that if you have a computer that is not very powerful, it may be very easy to start using this system, because it is not as voracious in terms of resources as its followers. But again, if you have the ability to use more powerful configurations, components of the device, the system will also accept them with open arms and will use them as much as possible. It turns out that you can globally not spend money on PC components and still the OS will "fly".

Agree that the above points are very important and in most cases, many users will be ready to choose them, for a relatively small cost in comparison with more modern and new-fangled systems. Here is only, if you drop a little deeper, XP is ready to offer something else...

What built-in features can Windows XP Professional offer?

This system has very extensive options, which makes popular Windows XP corporate not only among ordinary people, but also among those who need more extensive software capabilities, and, therefore, it is possible to use:

  • Windows Media is a player that can play the most common video and audio formats;
  • Network setup wizard-this is the ability to quickly connect to the network and work together with someone on a PC or other device;
  • Windows Messenger message service is a software extension that allows you to conduct a conversation by means of correspondence, calls and video calls. It is possible to create a video conference and execute the joint use of software;
  • Help and support center is a built-in assistant that will help any user who needs answers to their questions;
  • The computer is always with You-it is a technology that includes: ClearType, DualView and the ability to manage the power plan. This software extension is most often used in laptops;
  • Wireless connection - these are standard wireless network configurations where the "standard" 802.1 x is used;
  • Remote computer access is a specific option that allows you to connect remotely to any device running Windows XP Professional. Thus, it is possible not to always be near the working PC, but to use a third-party computer " on the remote»;
  • Offline files and folders - this is a unique opportunity to use: folders, files and other documents located on a shared network disk, provided that the computer used is disconnected from the server;
  • Sleep mode is exactly the option when the function allows you to start the device as quickly as possible, since it does not turn off completely, but it does not work fully;
  • Multitasking is the ability to launch multiple applications at the same time and perform your work in them;
  • Scalable processor support is another very interesting option that many users want to buy Windows XP for their computer, since it even allows you to implement support for two-way multiprocessing;
  • Internet connection firewall is a standard antivirus software that protects the system from unauthorized Internet connection;
  • Internet Explorer 6 is one of the most secure browsers of its time, which hides any user information from prying eyes;
  • Encrypted file system is a unique security step that allows you to protect data that is stored on HDD media with the NTFS file system;
  • Access control is the ability to deny users access to specific folders, files, and so on.;
  • Centralized administration is an option that allows you to connect Windows XP Professional systems to the Windows Server domain. The user gets the opportunity to manipulate management and security tools in a more diverse and effective way;
  • Group policy is a simple extension that makes administration of user groups and computers much easier;
  • Installation and support of software-it is possible to: install, configure, restore and delete any software;
  • Movable user profiles – this is the moment when it does not matter which PC you use, because you can always use only your work folders and settings;
  • Remote installation service is the ability to perform a remote OS installation on a PC that is connected to the network;
  • Single Worldwide Binary technology allows you to enter text in any language. In addition, you can run applications in any language;
  • Multilingual user interface means that you can use different languages inside the system: dialog boxes, help file, menus, dictionaries, spell checkers, etc.

Now answer me: "Is the Windows operating system able to offer you what Windows XP Professional offers for such a small price?» And it is for this reason that this OS, as it was chosen a few years ago, and continues to do so in modern realities.

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233 MHz or faster Pentium processor (300 MHz minimum recommended)
At least 64 MB of RAM (recommended at least 128 MB)
At least 1.5 GB of free hard disk space
Video card with a resolution of at least 800x600