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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 for Mac

In modern realities, buying a licensed office for Mac is as easy as possible, since this program is available to any user who needs it. This SOFTWARE will fit perfectly into your daily work and can make it much easier.

MS Office Pro Plus 2019

The Microsoft Professional Plus 2019 license is good no matter how you look at this software, which has the ability to use first-class applications to perform any tasks. This program is designed to create a huge number of projects in any of their formations: text documents, tables, presentations and much more. With such a program, you will not need to use additional software or applications.

MS Office Pro Plus 2019 on 2 PC

MS Office Pro Plus 2019 is a program of global scale, as it is able to work in quite different directions and due to this, it is appreciated by an unlimited number of users.

MS Office Pro Plus 2019 on 5 PC

Office 2019 for 5 PCs in the Pro Plus edition from Microsoft is a great software that can fit seamlessly into any software environment and work in it for many years without failures.

Microsoft has released another update to its office software, which made it more convenient and functional. This is the best software not only for employees in enterprises, but also for students and even Housewives. Unlike other editions of Office, where a subscription with monthly payments is required, in the 2019 edition of the program, it is enough to buy 1 key and you can use it indefinitely for as long as the owner needs it. That's why we recommend to buy a key for Office 2019, and not some other key.

Functionality in apps

All MS Office 2019 products include a number of "standard" - core applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Each tool has a large set of functions that allow you to perform certain tasks:

  • Word — an application for working with texts. It is equally convenient for writing business letters, as well as for writing term papers, theses, and research papers. A huge number of tools allow you to: style text, insert images, work with borders, visually design, and so on. There is a modern tool that allows you to recognize handwritten text. You can use styluses and digital signatures in documents. If necessary, you can easily turn on the "focus mode", which removes unnecessary elements that interfere with the perception of the text. In General, there are a lot of things that are ideal for text processing;
  • Excel — a program for working with tables of any format. No app can match its functionality. Here, not only cell search, filtering and styling, but also mathematical formulas for various calculations. This tool is used for: drawing up schedules, keeping records in warehouses, monitoring items in stores, and so on. 3D modeling is available in spreadsheets. The app has expanded many settings, including pivot tables. Thus, MS Office 2019 is just perfect for working with, because without its use, interaction with tables becomes much more difficult;
  • PowerPoint — the quality of the project presentation depends on whether it will be used. Microsoft developers are well aware of this, so they are constantly expanding the capabilities of PowerPoint. The latest version includes support for Bluetooth knobs for switching slides. Also, new templates and related tools have been added. Added the "Morph" transition and improved support for digital color reproduction. Here, you can use 3D models similar to those that take place in Excel. You can export slide shows in 4K video format and much more;
  • Outlook — is not only an email client that allows you to work with emails, but also actually an organizer. The app is able to work with such tools as: "Calendar", "task Manager", "Notebook" and even "contact Manager". The latest version has the ability to: voice read emails, add multiple time zones, and sort incoming messages.

Important to know

the MS Office 2019 license is only suitable for the tenth-generation operating system. If you are using a different OS, you will need to subscribe to additional Office packages.

The company will provide support for five years after the launch of the software. After that, within two years, it will be provided in an expanded format.

Why should you buy from us?

There are two options: stationary stores and our online platform. We provide you with a digital activation key that is sent to your email address. Due to the fact that there are no costs for product packaging, delivery, etc.the cost of Office 2019 becomes much lower. However, the key can be used from anywhere in the world.

In addition, we provide sales of various versions of the program, both for ordinary users and corporate users, with the need to install the SOFTWARE on several PCs at once. Our sales service provides instant delivery of the activation key anywhere in the world to the email address specified during the purchase.

Also, we provide guarantees for those keys that were purchased from us and in the description, they had a specified period of support from our site.