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Buy Office 2019 keys
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Buy Office 2019 keys

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In order to be multitasking and have time to do all the necessary work with reports and other documents, you can't do without an Office. Microsoft software is used everywhere, from home applications to universities and large companies. Therefore, if you choose a program for many years of use, it is best to buy MS Office Pro Plus 2019, because it has proven itself well and continues to do so on millions of devices around the globe.

Office Pro Plus Features

The most popular in companies and educational institutions is Office Professional Plus, released in 2019. This is the largest possible application package that Microsoft provides. It includes:

  • Word is a full – fledged editor that has the ability to process texts in a filigree way. There are plenty of tools in the app to turn the most ordinary text document into a real masterpiece with high-quality visual design;
  • Excel is an editor whose main focus is to efficiently process tables and data in them. In addition to creating and editing tables, the application is also capable of first-class design and processing the tables themselves with information in it;
  • PowerPoint is a tool with the ability to combine various information into complete projects under the General name – "presentations". Presentations can be created by the user, either from scratch, or they can be processed from ready-made material without any problems;
  • Outlook is a personal information Manager with small applications. But most of all, the email client is valued in this tool, as it is able to use a very large number of filters for mailing lists and communication with clients;
  • Publisher is a publicistic tool that has the ability to turn the markup of any document into an ideal. The tool is very simple, as it is designed for beginners, but at the same time, it is as functional as possible;
  • Access is an application that can, on the one hand, use databases from Microsoft, and on the other hand, this tool will allow you to create your own application for database processing;

The advantages of the "Professional" edition with the letter "Plus" include:

  • The maximum possible number of applications required for working with documents and creating projects;
  • The ability to use very stable software that is perfectly installed on any device;
  • Virtually unlimited interaction with third-party software developed by non-Microsoft;
  • Receive constant updates and additions for Office Pro Plus 2019 aimed at the stability of the program and its security;
  • Multi-faceted protection of programs and projects that are created by the user.

Why are activation keys so cheap?

In stores, licensed products from Microsoft cost a lot of money. However, everything is much cheaper in our online store. The following points contributed to this:

  • The lack of physical media. The key MS Office Pro Plus 2019 is a code in the form of a set of letters and numbers, which is easy to send as a message. Therefore, no packaging, disk, or flash drive is required. This significantly reduces the cost of the product;
  • No paid delivery by mail or courier services. Here, additional costs are also excluded, which significantly reduces the cost of the product in the end;
  • No additional expenses for the maintenance of the premises for the store and sellers. There are no additional expenses for: rent of premises, payment of communal services and payment of salaries.

Of course, you may have some questions about all of the above, to which we are ready to answer you the following… We receive activation keys for the project in electronic format. In the same form, the automatic system sends them to customers by email, providing a guarantee that the activation code will work. Thus, the license you purchase has the ability to bypass a huge number of unnecessary margins and remain as cheap as possible.

Important to know before buying

Before you decide to buy Office Pro Plus 2019, make sure that your operating system is directly related to Windows 10, because otherwise, you will not be able to install the purchased SOFTWARE and will have to either abandon it or reinstall the OS.

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At least 4 GB of free hard disk space
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