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Windows XP Home

We offer you to buy Windows XP for your computer or laptop, since this operating system is the best version of software that costs a minimum, but in terms of functionality, it will not be inferior to many contemporaries.

Windows XP Professional

If you do not want to use modern systems and even more overpay for them, in this case, it is better to buy Windows XP for a computer in the "Professional" edition, which will allow you to benefit from whatever side you look at this acquisition.

It would seem that over the past few years, the world of software has evolved very much and many programs that were popular for decades, should have been in a kind of oblivion in which, their popularity in modern realities, should not cause interest among users, but as it turns out, there is a software that is still popular many years later... Oddly enough, one of these programs is the operating systemWindows XP, which has overcome many things in its path and continues to be in demand…

Why does Windows XP attract users so much?

In fact, every person-a PC user, decides for what reason he chooses to use a particular operating system, and then you should definitely understand what exactly he is guided by... We will highlight the main points that attract the vast majority of people who are willing to pay for licensed software, and not just download it from an obscure Internet resource:

  • Very small price. Compared with other operating systems, this version of the SOFTWARE can boast of its simply stunning price tag. Buy a modern system for some 150-300 rubles, you will not get anywhere else, provided that it will be completely licensed;
  • There is a choice of editions. Of course, there are not so many OS versions here as in the modern "tens", but even from what is presented in this section, everyone will be able to choose for themselves exactly the version of the system that, in their opinion, is the most optimal;
  • Minimum load on the "iron". Since many users are going to buy Windows XP for PC not quite a new model, it is impossible to ignore the fact that any version of XP, will literally "fly" even if you do not use the most modern components of the system unit;
  • Simple interface. Despite the fact that Windows XP was developed a long time ago, for many years it was upgraded and as a result, at the moment it has a very attractive and simple interface, which is quite quickly learned and allows any user to feel in this software environment, "like a fish in water»;
  • Convenient settings. With the help of additional system configuration options, you can turn this operating system exactly the working tool that suits you perfectly. Here, everything is simple and clear, since each setting is responsible for its own system options and as a result, it is very convenient to manipulate them.

What editions of Windows XP can I buy?

A few years earlier, various editions of Win XP distributed by Microsoft was a huge set, but as time passed, the developers decided that it was time to stop the distribution of such a large number of versatile software with minimal differences from each other, and at the moment, users can choose from only two variations of systems that are very different from each other:

  • Windows XP Home. A very simple and intuitive system that is aimed at users who need to purchase an inexpensive OS with an average number of functional options and pre-installed applications. Buy Windows XP in this edition, most often solved by those who need: Windows Media, Windows Messenger, Internet Explorer 6, Single Worldwide Binary, ClearType, DualView, Quick start, Multitasking, Automatic protection of device connection to the network, help and support Center. In addition, there are a huge number of easy-to-use functions and applications that are easy to understand and practical to use. The system itself is very convenient in terms of development and it can be used without much difficulty by a user who has completely different knowledge in the field of PC use;
  • Windows XP Professional. This is a more complex version of the operating system, which is mostly designed for the corporate user and therefore includes all the things listed above for the "Home" edition and in addition: Remote access to the computer, Offline files and folders, Scalable processor support, Encrypted file system, access Control, Centralized administration, Group policy, software Installation and support, Roaming user profiles, remote installation Service and multilingual user interface. As you might guess, the OS version has a larger function in terms of interaction of the system and user, and all because of this "OSes" are completely different tasks in consequence of which she can boast more extensive functionality.

Thus, we can say with full confidence that Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional are quite well-established operating systems, each of which, at a small cost, has quite impressive features in terms of functioning. As a result, you now know where to buy Windows XP at the most attractive price and what exactly are the differences in the first glance similar to each other OS developed by Microsoft.