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Windows 7 Enterprise

License Key  Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Home Basic

Windows 7 Home Basic home is an ideal version of the operating system, which is aimed at ensuring that most users do not configure it at all, but simply work with it in consumer mode. This is an ideal version of the operating system for beginners at the PC and for those who need a system that has problems with settings and updates.

Windows 7 Home Premium

License Key  Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional is a very practical version of the seventh-generation system, as it fits perfectly into the concept of most users who need relatively powerful software and at an affordable price. With the help of this "seven", you can very quickly achieve what you have always wanted and without additional time and effort spent.

Windows 7 Professional 3PC

This product has high-quality, licensed activation keys for Win 7 Pro. The peculiarity of these keys lies in the fact that they will allow the user to get the opportunity to use powerful software with numerous tools that allow you to implement tasks from the simplest to the most complex.

Windows 7 Professional 5PC

License Key  Windows 7 Professional 5PC

Windows 7 Professional and Office 2013

License Keys Windows 7 Professional and Office 2013

Windows 7 Professional and Office 2016

License Keys Windows 7 Professional and Office 2016

Windows 7 Starter

License Key  Windows 7 Starter

Windows 7 Ultimate

If you buy a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 key, you can notice from the first seconds of using this OS that it has more extensive working capabilities than all its predecessors and "odnoklassniki". This is due to the fact that the operating system has the potential, which is not just enough to perform everyday work, but will be enough to solve specialized goals.

Windows 7 Ultimate and Office 2016

License Keys Windows 7 Ultimate and Office 2016

If you need a system for a PC or laptop, which is proven for years and even in the modern realities of versatile competition is still one of the most popular operating systems on the market, then in this case, you must buy Microsoft Windows 7, since for many years of its existence, this OS has not been able to acquire full-fledged competitors among its followers.

The uniqueness of this program lies in the fact that it was created at a time when an operating system of a completely new level was needed, in which everything had to be very simple and at the same time, as innovative as possible. As a result, the developers from MS implemented their ideas in various versions, which still allows the user to choose only the system that is more suitable for him in terms of functionality. To date, the list of the most popular editions of the "seven" looks like this:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise is exactly the same version of software that is tailored to the corporate client, because only it needs the ability to use: multitasking, encryption, DirectAccess, AppLocker, running the system on multiple devices, and so on. If you choose this software, it is only for the reason that it is versatile and safe;
  • Windows 7 Professional SP1 is one of the most frequently purchased systems, since it is considered "universal", because here, there are both functional applications for work, and not bad computing power for entertainment. It is worth noting that this version of the system supports one of the most extensive update packages released for the "seven»;
  • Windows 7 Ultimate is a great software option that has just an infinite number of working applications and functions. If you buy a Windows 7 system in this edition, you can forget about the additional installation of third-party SOFTWARE. In addition, the level of security that this OS offers is much higher than its analogues can offer; - Windows 7 Ultimate N English-a system that could become an indispensable working tool for a certain number of users, which can boast of: stability, first-class power, a partially reduced number of "standard" applications, and of course the language, since this is the rare case when the OS has only an English-language package. The software is ideal for specialized tasks and in order to save money;
  • Windows 7 Home Basic-the very version of the system that has a minimalistic appearance with a fairly sane software functionality. You will no longer have to think about how to configure the functionality of the environment you are using, since the settings will initially be set in a way that will suit most users. In fact, you can buy this system and just use it without interfering with its interior;
  • Windows 7 Home Premium – the home version of the system, but with additional configuration features and applications. Here, the user can access a lot more different settings, which, if used correctly, can make the OS much better. Here we note that you can buy Windows 7 for home in this edition and this will be enough to solve the main range of both working and gaming tasks;
  • Windows 7 Starter is one of the most" Junior " versions of the seven, which is essentially quite limited, but only in certain parameters… Here, for example, there is only a 32-bit version of the system and there is almost no additional SOFTWARE. But if you look at the limitations from the other side, it immediately becomes clear that the presence of all language packages, the speed of operation, and much more, allow this system to be always on top.

Each of the above editions of the seventh-generation OS is a unique tool that is ready to offer any user their individual software capabilities in order to create huge projects or just have fun. That's why, if you want to buy Windows 7 for a laptop or PC, approach your choice slowly and with maximum calculation, since it is possible that it is a slow choice that will allow you to get not just an operating system, but to choose the optimal version of the software environment, with which it will be possible to perform an infinite range of tasks daily.