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A few years ago, many PC users could not even imagine that they would have a license for Visio 2013, which will allow you to create technical and business diagrams without problems. It is for this reason that they worked quite a lot, using versatile software with all the problems that follow from this. But, those dark times are long gone and today, Microsoft has developed a huge number of specialized software editions designed specifically to systematize and visualize: data, processes and systems, has reached a completely new level in the life of any user.

Why choose Visio Professional 2013?

Of course, someone may disagree with the list of main points presented below for which most users choose this particular SOFTWARE, but whatever it was, and reality shows statistics in which software from a relatively distant 2013 remains in demand due to the following criteria:

  • Price. A modern program that has huge opportunities to visualize flowcharts and give them a very complete look has never cost so little. You probably won't be able to find something like this at such a price and with such tools;
  • Functionality. It looks like a very simple program, but if you start using it, it immediately becomes clear that it has a huge number of useful and multifunctional tools that are ideal for work. Because of this diversity, very often users want to buy Visio Professional 2013, and not something else;
  • Easy to learn. Despite its rather formidable functionality and tools, the software remains extremely simple and accessible to users with any knowledge in the field of its use. Even those who have never seen or used this SOFTWARE can understand it, and all this is due to the fact that the Visio 2013 software environment is very similar to the Office software environment;
  • Ability to interact with third-party software. For a visual representation of complex information, you can "link" forms in a chart to existing data in the following applications and programs: Excel, Excel Services, SQL Server, SQL Azure, and SharePoint Business Connectivity Services;
  • Simultaneous work of several employees. If you need to speed up the project, you can work on it together or with a large number of users, since the program provides such opportunities. Collaboration allows you to speed up the process of its implementation and minimize the risk of errors. In addition, all changes made to the project are automatically saved;
  • Pre-installed templates. To speed up the work, you don't need to create a diagram from scratch every time, as it is easier to use ready-made templates that can be easily edited to suit your needs. This factor is also fundamental for a large number of users who want to buy Microsoft Visio 2013 and have the opportunity to "get started" when creating the next flowchart. If the built-in templates are not enough for you, use someone else's, because there are a huge number of them on the Internet;
  • Ability to view charts without Visio 2013. This is a very convenient add-on, as it allows someone who has a licensed program to create a project and send it to someone who does not have a similar program, but using the "Visio Services" service, the recipient will be able to view the finished work;
  • Real-time data exchange is available. When you create your project, you can easily configure it so that in the future, when you make any adjustments to it, the project data will be instantly updated and everyone who tracks it will immediately see it;
  • Security system. A fairly extensive element of the program, as it is able to protect the software and the data stored in it from those who should not see confidential information. That is why it is possible to configure everything in the program in such a way that only "favorites"can see the project or participate in its creation.

Our opinion on all of the above points that take place in Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 is that this program is worthy of the attention of most users who want to use only modern software with numerous software features. Nothing better than the edition of the program "Professional 2013" in modern realities can be found, unless you pay attention to similar developments from Microsoft, but released several years later.

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