Buy Windows 10 Professional for workstations

Buy Windows 10 Professional for workstations
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Buy Windows 10 Professional for workstations

  • Bitness: x64, x86
  • Language: All languages

If you think that the operating system installed on your computer is not as good as it was described and its power is not enough to squeeze all the "juice" from the existing hardware, then in this situation there is nothing more effective than to buy Windows 10 Professional for WorkStations, we can not offer you.

The uniqueness of the Professional for WorkStations editorial office lies in the fact that it is completely different from its colleagues on the shop floor in a number of criteria... Technically and visually, and it has a visual and functional similarity with the "Professional" editorial office, but it has much more opportunities. Among the main points, I would like to highlight:

  • Use the maximum resources from the available hardware. It is necessary to understand that we are talking about using only modern devices that have fairly powerful components. Only under such circumstances, the system will be able to work at the full maximum of its capabilities;
  • This version of the system is designed to be used only in 64-bit versions of the OS. This is due to the fact that only when using the 64-bit version, it is possible to "squeeze" all its power from the device;
  • Maximum number of processes. licensed Windows 10 Professional for WorkStations can simultaneously work with 4 processes. This is two times more than the nearest – Junior version of the tenth-generation system in the "Professional" edition»;
  • Non-volatile RAM. Here, it is worth understanding that we are talking about the most modern features of the device components, which means that in case of any power failure, the RAM will not lose data, but will save it;
  • Only useful UWP apps. The system does not have any pre-installed games or applications aimed at entertainment, there is only the most necessary and necessary for everyday work;
  • New power supply scheme. The updated scheme has very interesting features that are aimed at increasing the performance of the device in those situations when it is necessary. Only in this OS there are not 3 standard power supply circuits, but 4, where the latter is the most productive;
  • Server-class data protection. The uniqueness of this "ten" lies in the fact that it allows its owner not to worry about saving data, especially if we are talking about: important documents, intellectual property and other objects that require long-term storage;
  • Powerful anti-virus protection. For the full functioning of this system, its developers have implemented in it not only a "standard" antivirus, but also a bunch of small additions designed to protect both the operating system and those files that should not be lost or damaged by malware under any circumstances.

Actually, that may put into practice Windows 10 Professional for WorkStations can be used to tell incredibly long because this system is really versatile and could become one of your favorites, because really no problem to reach new heights in any field. In addition, the OS of this plan can easily become a first-class tool for you in the form of a server system with all the features that follow from its use.

When purchasing this operating system, remember that first of all, it is aimed at work, since its powerful software core is ready to perform any tasks assigned to it, even if they are directly related to server processes.

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Seller answer:
Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) processor or faster or SoC-based system
RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit systems or 2 GB for 64-bit systems
Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit systems or 32 GB for 64-bit systems
Video adapter: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver